La Panchita Records, 2016

1. Desafiant La Realitat
2. Darrer Intent
3. Renunciar
4. Canvi d'Època
5. Cada Nit
6. Pastime Paradise
There's been 15 years with more than a hundred memorable concerts, two published albums, participating in numerous compilation albums (two of them in Japan) and with unforgettable moments like Rototom Sunsplash's performance as the backing band of the legendary trombonist Rico Rodriguez. And to celebrate this so special anniversary they publish "Fàcil" (Easy). Easy because in Root Diamoons music flows quietly, without big virtuosity doses, but with high love and respect awareness towards music and people who listens to it, plays it and loves it. And so easy, in all the positive meanings, are the 6 tracks which shape this EP: three marvellous ska and three elegant rocksteadies which transfer us to Jamaica in the 60's, but with lyrics that speak about life in the Barcelona of the 21st century, about gestures, emotions, and also big contradictions. And to wrap it up and provide the perfect atmosphere, its recording and treatment were in hands of two vibrating waves magicians which are Chalart58 and Xavi "Leak" Farré. Prepare your best fruit juice, clink the ice cubes in your favourite liquor, get your cigar ready, and enjoy these melodies Root Diamoons offer with so much love. Let's be easy!
Root Diamoons

Tot al seu temps
Brixton Records, 2012

1. Introduint
2. Hittin' the ground with Mr. T-bone (The Bluebeaters)
3. Catalan flavour – interludi with Paul Carter (Intensified)
4. Tot al seu temps
5. Saturday
6. Not that easy with David Hylliard (The Slackers)
7. Taste of honey
8. Your way
9. Last drop
10. Jim
11. Climb the moon - interludi with Marc Marcé
12. Babuku with Greg Lee (Hepcat)
13. Latin RD Ska with Lluc Casares
14. Let me hold you tight with Paul Carter (Intensified)
15. Baby please
16. Last instrumental
After ten years on the stage, "Tot al seu temps", Root Diamoons' second album, arrives at a crucial moment. With a close rapport between musicians, both band members and guests (of the stature of Greg Lee from the Californian band Hepcat, the New Yorker David Hillyard and the Italian Mr. T-Bone), and Berta Gratacòs, a singer who shows her talent by achieving registers characteristic of the great ladies of jazz, it is a work able to seduce. Subtle. Elegant. Sophisticated. With romantic airs. Exploring places where music with class (Jamaican jazz, rock steady, American jazz) provides a magnificent pretext to make the message known to the one who is able to appreciate it. To miss it would be to tempt fate. To lose oneself in it, is really worth it.
Larry ACR

With other eyes
Silver Bullets (Brixton Records), 2008*

1. From Jamaica
2. Rumble like a lion
3. Other eyes
4. I won't let you go
5. Mary Ann
6. Brass garden
7. Maria
8. Rhythm & blues
9. Swedish effect
10. Root cats
11. Irie festival
12. Say bye bye
13. Goin' home
14. Early Laila
"With other eyes" is a safe bet from the Silver Bullets (Brixton Records) record label: fourteen tracks with a dance vocation, which make you face life with a different philosophy, with positivity and a desire to scratch deeply beneath the surface, like cat's claws. Like a follower of Jamaican music roots looking for its essence to appeal to the field of jazz or like an adolescent in love who falls head over heels for an uptown girl, who could be called Laila or Mary Ann.
Larry ACR

*Published also by "Ska In The World" (Japan), 2009

Compilation albums

Boss Sounds Catalunya
Redstar 73, 2010
Boss Sounds Catalunya
Song: Swedish effect
Compilation of Ska, Reggae, Dub and Rocksteady by the site www.boss-sounds.org and published by Redstar 73 with songs from catalan bands like Flight 404, Mr. Freak Ska, Soweto, Root Diamoons or The Cabrians.
Embolingats - Un tribut a Skatalà
Black Borinot Records, 2010
Embolingats - Un tribut a Skatalà
Song: Pi-iaio bugia
Compilation album published in Barcelona as a tribute to Skatalà, where different bands from Catalonia make covers of this legendary 80s band hits.
Lovers Steady Lesson One
Ska In The World Records, 2010
Lovers Steady Lesson One
Song: Maria
Compilation album published by the japanese label "Ska In The World" where Root Diamoons shares record with bands like The Pepper Pots, Alton Ellis or New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble.
Out of many, one ska people
Ska In The World Records, 2009
Out of many, one ska people
Song: Rhythm & blues
Extensive compilation album with 33 songs published in Japan by the prestigious label "Ska In The World" with internationaly recognized bands like The Slackers, The Toasters, Dave Hillyard and The Rocksteady 7, The Aggrolites, Wesbound Train, Go Jimmy Go or Dr. Ring-Ding.
Alcohooliganska Records, 2007
Song: Swedish effect
European jamaican music bands compilation album. Published by the Bulgarian label "Alcohooliganska Records" with songs of bands like La Familia Torelli, Root Diamoons, The Skarabeez o The Upsessions.
Emergents +aprop
Aj. de Barcelona - Institut de cultura, 2007
Emergents +aprop
Song: Swedish effect
Songs selection by the Ajuntament de Barcelona with the participation of young bands like LaRumbé, Dismensionel or Root Diamoons counting on the participation of iCat FM, mondosonoro.com and scannerfm.com.
L'Edat Daurada
Jamaican Memories, 2005
L'Edat Daurada
Song: Over the river
Compilation album by the label from Castelló which pretends to gather those bands that play jamaican sounds of the 60s and 70s. The compilation has formations like Shanty Town, The Cabrians, Root Diamoons, Supa Bassie & Queen Smiley, Nano Bravo or Hot Drop.

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